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Kaity McLendon: Employee of the Year

Securing Success: A Simplified Guide to MDR

Daniel Brewington: Lighthouse Leadership Award Winner 2024

How to Complete a Successful IT Project Rollout

Safety Compliance: How to Prioritize Student Safety and Comply with Alyssa’s Law.

Rebekah Person: Intern Spotlight

The Impact of Copper Wire Deregulation on Businesses: Navigating the Transition to Next-Generation Technologies

13 (not-so-unlucky) Cybersecurity Tips

Linh Phan | Intern Spotlight

Optus Wins Arkansas Business’ Best Places to Work for a Second Consecutive Year

Optus Awards Scholarship to Gunner Darnell in Honor of Adam Harrington | Press Release

Breaking Barriers: The Unsung Black Heroes of Communications Technology

Daniel Figgins | Employee Spotlight

Tech Trailblazers: 10 Mothers Who Revolutionized Communications Technology

Seamless Contact Center Transformation: What to Keep in Mind

Virtualization or Cloud: The Best Solution for Your Business

Stephanie McDonald: Employee Spotlight

5 Benefits of Working with a Cloud Partner

Powered by People | Whitney Blackburn Leadership Q & A

8 Advantages of Working with a Vendor-Neutral IT Solution Provider for Cloud & Networking Solutions

Optus Wins Best of Show at Local American Advertising Awards | Press Release

Andrea Easley: Employee Spotlight

Powered by People: Travis Recer Leadership Q&A

Kevin Mays: Employee Spotlight

Christa Allgood: Employee Spotlight

Changes to CMS Guidelines: New Recording and Disclaimer Requirements

Candice Moore: Employee Spotlight

Whitney Blackburn: Lighthouse Leadership Award Winner

How to Leverage an IT Partnership to Advance Operations

Deploying Telecom Cloud in Six Steps

Cassie Ashford | Employee Spotlight

How CCaaS Enables Flexibility and Scalability in the Restaurant Industry

Optus Awarded as One of Arkansas’ Best Places to Work 2022 | Press Release

Press Release: Introducing Opty the Optus Octopus

Reimagining CCaaS — Creating an Omnichannel Contact Center Experience

What’s the Difference Between UCaaS and CCaaS?

How Cloud Brokers Simplify UCaaS Migration

Copper Phone Lines Are Going Away — What Should You Do?

Optus Marketing Team Wins Big

Employee Spotlight : Angie McQuay

3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Service Delivery

The Power of a Tech Partner

How to Successfully Deploy Cloud Communications

A Hands-On Look At Technical Support: Smart Hands vs. Certified Labor

Sophie Hedge | Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight | Donnie Terrell

Top 10 Best Gifts for Your IT Department

Powered by People | Kristie Waddell Leadership Q & A

Intern Spotlight : Yubin Lim

Powered by People | Brad Wilcox Leadership Q & A

Powered by People | Shanna Kennedy Leadership Q & A

Powered by People | David Sluder Leadership Q & A

Employee Spotlight | Irina Taylor

Working and Serving: What Veterans Day Means at Optus

Powered by People | Mark Duckworth Leadership Q & A

The Horror of Data Loss and How to Halt Downtime

CCaaS: Elevating Your Customer Experience

Employee Spotlight | Whitney Peacock

Optus Celebrates 30 Years as a Trusted Technology Partner

Employee Spotlight | Tiffany Barrett

Employee Spotlight | Kaity McLendon

How Parenthood Shapes Leadership

Employee Spotlight | Bridgett Oldman

2021 Optus Family Scholarship Winner | Press Release

Employee Spotlight | Craig Manley

The New Normal: Adapting to Agile Work with a Single-Source IT Service Provider

Employee Spotlight | David Sluder

Leading Through Uncertainty

What is UCaaS?

Employee Spotlight | Kelly Kincaid

Celebrating the Women Who Move Optus Forward

Optus Cleans House at Local Awards Gala

Employee Spotlight | Matt Kilbreath

Employee Spotlight | Jake Cheshier

Employee Spotlight | Nicole Farmer

3 Tips For Your Cloud Migration

Getting Ready For The Return

What is SD-WAN? | Guide to Software-Defined WAN

Seamless Connectivity

How to Have Critical Functions Immediately: UCaaS vs. On Premise

Productivity Tips While Working From Home

Work From Home: I.T. Security

Optus is Here to Help

Employee Spotlight | Kayla Brannan

The 2019 State of IT

Leaders Eat Last | Appendix: A Practical Guide to Leading Millennials

Extend the Life of Your Communications Systems

Leaders Eat Last | Part 8: Becoming a Leader

Leaders Eat Last | Part 7: A Society of Addicts

Leaders Eat Last | Part 6: Destructive Abundance

Leaders Eat Last | Part 5: The Abstract

Leaders Eat Last | Part 4: How We Got Here

Leaders Eat Last | Part 3: Reality

Leaders Eat Last | Part 2: Powerful Forces

Leaders Eat Last | Part 1: Our Need to Feel Safe

Optus Intern Spotlight: Mahathi Sudhana

Optus Intern Spotlight: Kayla Priddy

Optus Intern Spotlight: Luke Carter

Optus Employee Spotlight: Jessica Dillon

6 Cloud Voice Platform Considerations

8 Benefits of a Cloud Voice Solution

4 Strategic Business Considerations Before Cloud Voice

The Two Forces Driving Voice To The Cloud

Press Release | Optus Announces Scholarship Award Winner

Kayla Priddy : From Intern To Sales Account Manager

Personal Ownership and Customer Service

Press Release | Optus Awards College Scholarship

Mobility & Balance

25 Years of Technology

Kari’s Law Now in Effect In Texas

Press Release | Arkansas Best Places To Work 2016

Looking Forward To Optus Best Places To Work Ranking Announcement

Best Places To Work 2015

Optus Awards $1,000 Scholarship to Jakob Raby

Benefits of Telecom Expense Managment

Benefits of Phone Asset Recovery

Protecting Healthcare Organizations from a Phone System Crash