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Benefits of Phone Asset Recovery

A growing concern for large companies, hospitals, and educational institutions is phone asset recovery. Because so much of today’s technology is data-driven everyone keeps personal information and other confidential records electronically on business hardware. What happens when it’s time to retire that technology holding this information?

At Optus, we respect your confidentiality and understand the expectation of proper asset recovery. There are multiple benefits for using Optus to handle your phone and networking asset recovery process. Here are the top three reasons why our services will benefit your large organization:

Buy Back Opportunity
Equipment buyback programs is a great resource for companies with used phone systems. We offer a cash value for remarketable phone and networking equipment. In many cases, selling your phone and data equipment to Optus provides a way to add dollars back to the IT budget’s bottom line. If you are looking to migrate to a new phone system, Optus works with you to assess value to your current system to help save on costs of the new migration.

The best asset recovery programs offer a way to ensure data security and compliance with current Department of Defense guidelines. At Optus, all equipment is cleaned of data and hard drives are sanitized. Clients are also sent a detailed report of the process, including a status on how each system was disposed so that they are certain our process is safe and legal. Cleansing and data disposal takes place at our facility, or can be done on-site for those organizations with strict regulations on data removal.

Green Technology Solution
When you purchase or migrate to a new phone system with Optus, we’ll take care of your old phone systems even if it does not have a current remarketing value. Your phone system should be recycled according to local guidelines and waste regulations. In 2011, the EPA estimated that the United States threw away 2.4 million tons of e-waste, and this number grows each year. To protect the environment and responsibly dispose of or recycle e-waste, we offer a certified Go Green Recycling element to phone asset recovery programs that includes responsible e-waste disposal.

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