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Powered by People: Travis Recer Leadership Q&A

Travis Recer

Vice President of Services

Travis Recer joins the 30+ year Optus legacy as our Vice President of Services. Travis serves as a liaison between the commercial, engineering, and services teams to define service strategies that deliver on our customer-first approach to IT service delivery. He drives initiatives within our services group to improve customer experience, model our core values, ensure optimum quality assurance, allocate resources, expand our services offerings, and oversee all service-related solutions management. Travis is tasked with creating an internal team empowered to deliver customized technology solutions to all our clients and partners.

Travis is an Army veteran who joins the Optus community with a robust, multifaceted career in technology. For over 25 years, Travis has served as an analytical and innovative thought leader with global experience in audio visual, IT infrastructure, telephony, contact center solutions, and UC strategy. Prior to joining Optus, Travis served in the US Army and worked at major corporations such as Walmart, Avaya, and AGC Networks. 

Travis enjoys spending time with his wife, stepson, and his dogs, Minnie and Oly. In his free time, Travis can be found riding his Harley. Travis also has a deep passion for volunteering and fundraising for Veteran Support causes.

Q & A

In your own words, describe what makes a great leader.

A great leader cares about the whole experience, including the impact that the job has on their team, and strives to send their team home at the end of the shift feeling a sense of accomplishment and value.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

My dogs! My dogs make sure I get out of bed each morning! All jokes aside, I’m a very simple person; I’m just happy to have another day in this world.

Who is someone you admire as a mentor?

My first supervisor in the Army was a leader that cared about his soldiers, both in and out of uniform. I’ve modeled my leadership traits around him and served the teams I’ve led with empathy and compassion.

 How can a leader fail?

When they forget what it’s like to be led—overlooking the human factor while only focusing on results.

Describe your perfect team.

My perfect team is empowered to make decisions for their customers, understands their value, and holds themselves accountable for doing the right thing.

What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength is that I strive to be a better leader each day. Contrary to my strength, my greatest weakness is a lack of patience for people without drive and motivation.

What do you like to do when you aren’t leading the Optus team?

I enjoy spending time with family and riding my Harley when not at work.

 What’s a fun fact about yourself?

 As a teen in Alaska, I had a dog team.

 What’s your favorite quote?

“Be an expert at becoming an expert.” —Anonymous

What makes Optus different?

We are truly a client-first organization. From my first day at Optus, I’ve been impressed with each team member’s level of customer advocacy.