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Kaity McLendon: Employee of the Year

There aren’t enough words to fully describe all the ways Kaity is an asset to Optus. Her ability to problem-solve with a smile on her face is unmatched, but more than that, she always gives you something extra—something you didn’t even know you needed. She’s meticulous about data, courteous of others, open-minded, and solutions-oriented. And she leveled up in her Salesforce knowledge last year! Kaity truly embodies Optus values and continually helps us to raise the bar.

For all these reasons, Kaity McLendon was the obvious choice for this year's Employee of the Year Award!


Brag on yourself – How did it feel to win Employee of the Year!?
I was excited and honored to win Employee of the Year. 2023 was a great year at Optus—and that is because so many people worked diligently and collaborated to make it happen. Being considered as the Employee of the Year meant a lot to me because of the great team we have here at Optus.


What inspired you to join Optus, Inc., and how has your journey evolved since then?
Optus’s work culture is what drew me to work here. My degree is in Marketing, but Optus didn’t have any marketing positions open when I graduated. I decided to apply for a sales position to get my foot in the door. I was fresh out of college and didn’t have any sales experience; however, Optus took a chance on me. Since then, my journey has evolved a lot. I have worked in 3 different departments and have landed a career I am excited about.


Describe a project or achievement you’re most proud of during your time at Optus.
Winning Employee of the Year for 2023 is really the achievement I am most proud of. The projects I worked on last year were the most difficult and rewarding projects I have ever worked on. I learned so much during that time and accomplished a lot.


How do you approach challenges and obstacles in the workplace?
Challenges and obstacles are opportunities for learning and growth. Finding solutions to challenges usually fuels my most fulfilling projects.


Optus is known for its commitment to innovation. Have you been involved in any initiatives that helped improve a process or product?
Finding ways to improve and innovate is basically my job description. Our cloud offering, Optus Yello, has been a major focus in the last few years. Being a part of the Yello team and finding ways to make the process more efficient for our employees and customers has been a lot of work. I’m thankful we have such a dedicated team working together on it.


Learning and development are important for continuous improvement. During your time at Optus, how have you developed your skills and knowledge?
One thing I am most grateful for at Optus has been their dedication to my professional growth. Early on, I indicated my interest in becoming a Salesforce Administrator. It was a big leap from where I was then, but they took my interest seriously. They have invested a lot of time and resources to get me where I am today. This includes mentorship, training, certifications, and a great experience at Dreamforce last year. I’m excited to continue expanding my knowledge and growing at Optus.  


What role do you believe teamwork plays in achieving success?
Teamwork is vital to success. Without teamwork, you lack variety in expertise, experience, points of view, ideas, opinions, etc. Often, I go into a meeting with an idea and leave with a list of items that I had never even considered. You cannot effectively anticipate the needs of everyone or be an expert in everything. Teamwork is so important.


What does being an employee at Optus mean to you?
Being an Optus employee means being part of a community where your ideas are heard and valued. 


What advice would you give to someone just starting their career at Optus?
My advice would be to connect with people working in other departments. I’m introverted, so this took a lot of time for me and is something I still need to work on. The entire company is working toward the same goals, so it is important to learn about and collaborate with people from the entire organization.